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        Discovery FlashCards is a unique free program that can help you study. It has many great features with many improvements coming. The program is designed to be simple and easy to use. This program has been reviewed by! Please let me know if you like to see this program receive updates by using the contact form or email.


The Main Form
The Main Form
The Create New Set Form
The Create New Set Form
The Create/Edit Multiple Choice Card Form
The Create/Edit Card Form
The Check Spelling Form
The Check Spelling Form
The Print Form
The Print Form
The Settings Form
The Settings Form
The Test/Study Form
The Test/Study Form
The Summary Form
The Summary Form
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  • 100% spyware and malware free
  • Free for personal, educational, or corporate use!
  • Easy to use
  • Great learning resource
  • Great for many different subjects
  • Shortcuts to insert squared, cubed, square root, and plus minus symbols
  • Spell check cards with Word 2003 and 2007
  • Export to comma delimited text files
  • Free email support
  • Automatic and manual check for updates
  • Keeps card scores and view a graph of these scores
  • Error Reporting
  • Random Number Generation in card questions/answers
  • Support for multiple choice answers
  • Search for phrase/Replace all
  • Easy to make portable
  • View detailed test/study mode results
  • Many different options for test study order including: random, reverse order, lowest to highest card score, highest to lowest card score, or in order.
  • Ability to create study only mode sets that keep detailed record of the study results
  • More features to come (you can request features)


System Requirements

  • This software requires the .NET framework version 2.0. If you have Windows Vista then you do not need to install this. The requirements for the .NET framework 2.0 are listed below:
    • Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 1, and Windows Installer version 3.0
    • Operating Systems: Windows: 98, 2000, ME, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, or Vista
    • Processor: 400 megahertz (MHz) minimum
    • RAM: 96 megabytes (MB)
    • Disk Space: 280 MB (32 bit) or 610 MB (64 bit)



Download the Zipped installer, zip file, or portable app installer. The installer is for Windows, The zip is for portable scenarios, and the installer is for

Version Release Date
Size Download Type Download Hash Info Download from Freeware Files
2.2 5-4-11 1.99 MB Zipped Installer Download MD5=44322310131f2f7fb0d55789497d8bd7
2.2 5-4-11 1.78 MB Portable Zip File Download MD5=34ce28d83f25b14b045c6e9cf6500a55
Download Previous Versions

Version Naming Convention:

The version is changed as follows:

  1. Changed when file version is updated, example files saved with version 2.x.x.x cannot be opened by version 1.x.x.x.

  2. Changed when features are added or improved.

  3. Changed only when program errors (bugs) are fixed and/or minor improvements are made.

  4. Changed only when slight changes are made that will not affect most people.


Version Changes:

  • Version (5-4-11)

    • Added: The ability to test/study in reverse card order
    • Fixed: Clicking the red x on the test/study form would close the form without showing the summary form
    • Added: The ability to specify card number when creating/editing a card
    • Added: Test/Study mode results with exact cards correct, wrong, skipped
    • Added: The abiltiy to print in reverse card order and display the final print card order for easy reproduction of random card order
    • Added: Sets that can only be used in Test/Study Mode that store detailed score info along with user provided name/ID in a password protected manner

  • Version (2-16-11)

    • Fixed: Printing an Answer Sheet that should span more than one page would cause an infinite number of pages to print
    • Changed: Print Document Name (shown in the print quene and when using some PDF printers) now includes the title from the print form
    • Fixed: Logging settings were not saved for all users, but were saved as if they were user settings
    • Added: Setting for users email address for logging errors
    • Added: Ability for users to add more info and a email address when an error occurs
    • Fixed: Create New Set Form was not getting file extension from the file browser dialog
    • Fixed: Edit Selected Card wasn't loading # of answers for multiple choice cards
    • Added: Ability to change font for the main form
    • Changed: Font color on the label that shows the set path
    • Fixed: Portable Mode wasn't starting

  • Version (1-3-11)

    • Changed the settings file to be in the application directory for non portable installations
    • Removed the need for the Advanced Function Library because it was causing problems on Windows 7
    • Added ability to keep card scores and show those scores in a graph
    • Changed message boxes to use VDialog
    • Added a insert bullet shortcut
    • Improved error handling/reporting
    • Fixed: Label on the main form now updates to show the current sets path
    • Added a random number generator to cards (&rand#:Low:High;)
    • Improved check for updates
    • Added support for multiple choice answers
    • Added ability to search/replace all for a phrase from main form
    • Removed the dual builds for portable, now it is stored in settings file
    • Greatly improved printing, now it actually prints to paper instead of to a text file for notepad to print
    • Added Keyboard shortcuts to Test/Study mode
    • Added options to Test/Study mode
    • Tray Icon is available without being in protable mode. Use settings to control.
    • Switched to Question/Answer instead of Front/Back of Card
    • Now you can have multiple instances of the application running at the same time
    • Changed website from to due to network problems

  • Version - (11-5-09)

    • Changed the default sets path to My Documents
    • Now if the folder doesn’t exist when creating or modifying a set it will be created
    • You can now change the path when creating/modifying a set. You no longer have to use the browse dialog.
    • Fixed: Title on Load Set Dialog
    • Print Range can now have spaces
    • Changed 'Study FlashCard' to 'Discovery FlashCard' on all form controls
    • Fixed: Loadset Filter for INI Sets would show nothing

  • Version - (10-21-09)

    • Updated the logo from “Study FlashCards” to “Discovery FlashCards”
    • Improved Unhandled Exception Handling (Program Errors)
      • You can choose whether to log errors, although it is recommended to log errors.
      • You can choose where to save the error log file
      • Added ability to open default web browser to upload error log file form
    • All forms now display in the taskbar
    • Improved the check for updates error handling, now it doesn’t freeze if advanced function library isn’t installed
    • Added advanced function library installer, so it installs when the program is installed

  • Version - (10-6-09)

    • Changed name from "Study FlashCards" to "Discovery FlashCards"
    • Redefined when version numbers are changed

  • Version

    • Added the ability for it to check for updates
    • Added website and email link on about page

  • Version

    • Fixed: Modifying a set would destroy the set.
    • Improved the way the file associations work.
    • Removed the character limit on the Create/Edit Card Form Text boxes
    • Added a cancel button to the Create Card Form
    • Enabled viewing multiline card data on the main form (Note: you still cannot create a new line from the main form, you will need to use the Create Card Form to do that.)
    • Disabled Tab support, so that the tab key will move to the back of card text box in Create/Edit Card Form
    • When the Create/Edit Card Form is loaded, it will now select the entire contents of the front of the card.
    • Left Aligned the content of the text boxes on the Test/Study Form, now it matches the Create/Edit Card Form
    • Removed support for the retest function, it was not working properly and needs lots of work to get it working.
    • Improved the Splashscreen, it now actually shows the logo as it is supposed to.
    • Added scroll bars to the Create/Edit Form and Test/Study Form text boxes, before it you had to select text to make it scroll.


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