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Information About Discovery Byte

Discovery Byte is a company devoted to creating free programs. Discovery Byte is here to support our customers at all times. Currently the only program that is available to the public is Discovery FlashCards.

Links to other great websites

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  • - A collection of free software in many different categories.
  • - Another great company devoted to creating great freeware software. Bytessence InsatllMaker is used to create the installers for Discovery Bytes Software.
  • - Provides information on freeware applications. One application per day every day.
  • ;s
  • - Free downloads of software that would normally cost money. Not a contest, just software at a great price, free!
  • - Great resource to add a email form to your website. Doesn't need scripts on your site, it is done on their servers. See the contact page for an example!
  • - One of the best CD/DVD Burning programs available, and it's free!


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